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Clean, affordable, secure, and sustainable energy is essential to the economic vitality of the world. Many challenges lie ahead, driven by population growth, economic development, geopolitical impacts on current energy markets, the need to diversify energy resources, and growing concerns about environmental (regional) and climate change (global) issues. These challenges are creating enormous business opportunities in the trillion-dollar energy industry.

Protium Energy Technologies was created to help early-stage and well-established companies to navigate their way through the rapidly emerging field of alternative energy to achieve success, by providing strategic business, and technology consulting services, with a strong focus on hydrogen. Its Principal, Dr. Venki Raman, is a world renowned expert in the field of hydrogen energy and fuel cells.

What is Protium?

The name of the company reflects the particular strength of its founder in the field of Hydrogen. The scientific name for what we commonly refer to as Hydrogen is Protium. It is the most common isotope of the element hydrogen and has one proton, one electron but no neutrons. It is denoted by the symbol H. Other isotopes of hydrogen are the rarer Deuterium which has one proton, one neutron and one electron, and the radioactive isotope Tritium which has one proton, two neutrons and one electron. You may be interested to know that Hydrogen is the only element that has unique names for each of its isotopes.

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